By Alex DeMetrick

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — President Obama put Annapolis on his agenda Wednesday. But it wasn’t a public appearance, it was strictly political.

Alex DeMetrick reports it was also quick.

Stepping off Marine One on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy, President Obama came to Annapolis not for a public appearance, but rather a closed-door meeting with Democratic senators.

A two-day retreat by Democrats is happening at the Westin Hotel. Outside a few people stopped, hoping to get a glimpse of the President. Instead:

“Just the motorcade. Nothing else,” a woman said. “Very exciting. Wish we saw more though.”

It all happened so quick, and people were kept at such a distance not even a telephoto lens helped much.

“It’s good for the president, but bad for an amateur photographer,” a visitor said.

But the blacked out SUVs didn’t travel for a photo-op. The president met privately with senators to talk shop. Specifically, about what kind of legislation he’d like to see to control assault weapons.

Once back on Capitol Hill, he also wants Congress to tackle new immigration law and spending cuts that don’t slice so deep they threaten the economy. He also pushed Democrats to stay united.

For a two-hour stay, it was a lot of visiting.

While the president may have had to dash off, Governor O’Malley will host the senators at dinner Wednesday evening at the executive mansion.

Once back at the White House, the president announced his nomination for Secretary of the Interior–Sally Jewel–who heads the REI outdoor stores chain.


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