BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s a symphony unlike any you’ve heard before. Soulful Symphony is preparing for its performance at the Hippodrome this Saturday.

Jessica Kartalija has a preview.

Preparing for a performance that’s nothing short of spectacular. An 85-piece orchestra with vocals made up of mostly African-American and Latino musicians will perform the best of Soulful Symphony this weekend.

“We’re breaking barriers and being innovative with the possibilities of the symphony. It makes it fresh and innovative and appealing to every day people,” said artistic director Darin Atwater.

Atwater made his orchestral debut in 1995 as a composer and pianist. He’s now focused on making the symphony experience one for everyone to enjoy.

“We do everything from country, jazz, gospel to hip hop. Unlike standard symphony orchestras who do western European music like Mozart and Brahms and Beethoven, we specialize in American vernacular music,” Atwater said.

Proceeds from their performance at the Hippodrome will go toward the Hippodrome Foundation, which works to increase music and band elements to students with limited resources.

Soulful Symphony is this weekend at the Hippodrome. All proceeds go toward the Hippodrome Foundation and musical outreach in Baltimore City schools.

Soulful Symphony has been in Baltimore for 13 years.


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