BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After being shut down for nearly a month, a world famous Baltimore treat is now on its way to store shelves.

Mike Schuh reports that Berger Cookies are back.

Now that the plant is open again, delivery trucks are being filled with fresh cookies as production has restarted at Berger Cookies.

“It feels awesome. Definitely it feels awesome to have us back up and running,” said cookie dipper Camilla Epps.

William the baker, DJ the fudge man and 15 others were all sidelined when the business shut down.

“I’m sort of surprised, sort of overwhelmed at how many people love these cookies the way they do,” DJ said.

Berger’s had a federal inspection but the city can’t find records they ever had a city permit.

“Personally, I wasn’t aware that there was a city issue but apparently there was,” said Corey DeBaufre, the owner’s son.

That issue is now behind them. They spent the weekend baking and making cookies, getting ready for a big delivery day Wednesday, restocking shelves.

“I didn’t realize people cared so much about our cookies. I mean, threats and everything because we didn’t make cookies,” said William Morris.

“I knew we were appreciated. I did not know people cared as much as they did,” DeBaufre said.

Now that production is back, the owners vow never to let something like this happen again.

Berger officials say within the next few days, they’ll have successfully resupplied all of the stores that sell their cookies.


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