DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — A vicious attack leaves a young girl injured. She’s not even two and now in a hospital after being bitten by a pit bull mix in a Dundalk home.

Derek Valcourt has the latest on the incident.

That girl is only 20 months old. She’s now in the hospital with a gash in her face. Police say the attack was unprovoked.

Only WJZ’s cameras were there as the dog named “Raven” was turned over to Baltimore County Animal Control officers, already in muzzle.

A family member was visibly upset to have to surrender the dog.

Police say a 20-month-old girl and her family were visiting the Dundalk home just after noon Sunday. As the little girl got off the couch, the dog bit her in the face. Police say the attack was unprovoked.

Neighbors heard the screams for help.

“All the police cars came and I saw the kid come out. I guess it was her mother holding her and she had blood all down her,” a neighbor said.

Mark Southard rents the home where it happened. He says Raven is part of his family and calls her a pit bull-beagle mix. He says he did not see the dog bite the little girl.

Police say the little girl’s family was getting ready to leave the house. She was about to get off the couch when police say the dog attacked her–unprovoked.

“I feel very bad. They are very good friends of the family, very close friends of the family. I love them a lot and it’s terrible. I don’t know what to say, I’m just so shook up over it. I don’t know what to say,” Southard said.

Valcourt: “Had this dog ever done anything like that before?”

Southard: “No, she’s never done anything like that before so I don’t know.”

Last year, Maryland’s highest court labeled pit bulls “inherently dangerous,” making dog bite lawsuits involving the breed easier to win while drawing the outrage of those who love pit bulls. Maryland lawmakers are now considering a bill that would essentially reverse that ruling.

That little girl had to have stitches put in, but she should make a full recovery. Police say she’s spending the night at the hospital.

The fate of the dog is in the hands of Baltimore County’s health department.

Baltimore County Animal Control will investigate the case and decide what–if any–charges to file.

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