BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Catholics worldwide are anxiously awaiting news of whom the new pope will be.

Monique Griego has more.

As cardinals from around the world began private deliberations to pick the next pope, there was international intrigue over this historically secretive process.

“I think people really want an inside look at the Catholic Church because they don’t always see it,” said Debbie Conklin.

For many Catholics, this new leader is taking over at a time when the church is at an important crossroads.

“Society obviously changes over periods of time and a lot of people are looking for a new beginning,” said Buzz Spencer.

So what are people looking for in a new pope?

“I would like to see someone a little bit more progressive,” Conklin said. “I think the world is ready for that right now.”

“I’d like to see someone a little younger, a little more connected with younger Catholics,” said Caralee Conklin.

But with day one ending without a decision, the wait continues to see which way the church will sway.

“I’ll be very excited to see what happens but I don’t know when that will be,” Caralee Conklin said.

Once the new pope is selected, there will be a mass to celebrate.


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