BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Double booked. There’s a scheduling conflict between the World Champion Baltimore Ravens and the Orioles. Both teams are supposed to play the same night and there’s just not enough room to accommodate all those fans.

Jessica Kartalija has more.

Typically, the Super Bowl champs are honored with the home opening which this year falls on Thursday, Sept. 5. Unfortunately, the O’s have a home game scheduled that same night.

The Ravens are supposed to take the field at M&T Bank Stadium for their home opener on Sept. 5. The same night, the Orioles host the White Sox at Camden Yards. Now something–or some team–has to give.

“We are trying to work out an accommodation to allow the Orioles game to happen earlier in the afternoon and the Ravens to celebrate their Super Bowl championship with their fans at home Thursday night,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell says a baseball/football doubleheader would be ideal. He proposes the O’s make their first pitch earlier and the Ravens kick off a little later.

“As a kid who grew up an Orioles fan–to have the Orioles game in the afternoon and then to go to the Ravens’ Super Bowl championship celebration for the kickoff game would be a great game,” Goodell said.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has offered to compensate the Orioles for lost revenue.

“We’re asking them to make a lot of concessions that will benefit us and potentially harm them, though it doesn’t necessarily harm them. Bottom line is, if they wanted to do it, they would find a way to do it,” Bisciotti told WJZ’s media partner, the Baltimore Sun.

The O’s and Major League Baseball aren’t commenting.

Fans say they’re hoping for a double header.

“I think the Orioles should bend. I’m a major sports fan. I’m a Baltimore guy,” said one fan.

“It’s the Super Bowl champs and it’s kind of a big deal,” another said.

“I think the Ravens deserve a home game. They shouldn’t have to play an away game on their opening week,” a fan said.

The Ravens’ home opener can’t be moved to Wednesday night because it’s Rosh Hashanah. The only option is to take the team on the road.

If the Ravens do start on the road, it would likely be against one of their AFC rivals.


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