The vibe in the castle is huge with the addition of Elvis Dumervil. Haven’t seen him put on a jersey and make a play for the Ravens but the fact that he has a working relationship with Martindale already is a huge thing and goes a long way. “Position coaches are guys that are day-to-day with these players.” Dumervil already has that coming to Baltimore with Martindale, which is a huge benefit.

The pass rush in Baltimore is back! The versatility and able to now plug and play on defense is going to be a huge benefit for the Ravens this up coming year. But the question remains, with the additions to the middle of the line, whats going on behind them? Is it up to Josh Bynes and Albert McClellan, do you trust those two? The sure Ravens do like them and plan to be using them in that role.

“Be very excited if you are a Baltimore Ravens fans about Elvis Dumervil, Chris Canty, Spears, Ngata, and Suggs Jones, and Courtney Upshaw, and Pernell McPhee.” If you’re not excited about those guys on defense, I’m not sure what more you want. The days of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are now gone, its time to move on and turn a new leaf.

With all that work done to the defense, what about the offense? They have yet to address left tackle position. Running back is nothing to worry about, but wide receiver we will have to wait and see, Smith is the only lock other than that we’ll see. But when it’s all said and done the Ravens and Ozzie and Harbaugh, they have a plan and we’ve seen it before.


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