Executive Editor of Golf World and writer for Golf Digest Ron Sirak joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Masters and if Tiger Woods was the favorite.

Steve asked Ron if Tiger is going to be a different guy this week. Ron said this is the most important major championship of Tiger’s career because if he wins this one the conversation about breaking Jack Nicklaus’s record is re-opened. Ron said Tiger was in contention 3 times last year heading into the weekend but was unable to finish any of them off.

Ed asked Ron if it seems like Tiger is turning a corner and if so why? Ron said he thinks Tiger is turning a corner and it is because he is more comfortable with his driver and on the putting green. Ron also pointed out that Tiger was struggling with his putting long before any of his scandals broke, and that is the main difference in his game from then to now.

Steve asked Ron will Tiger break Jack’s record? Ron said he has to win 5 more which is more than Phil Mickelson has in his entire career so it is an uphill climb. Ron added that knowing how many he needs is a huge advantage for Tiger in the pursuit of the record. Ron also said that Tiger has reminded two generations of people how great Jack Nicklaus was because Tiger is still not to Jack’s level yet.

Ed told Ron about how his sports bucket list includes going to the Masters. Ron talked about how great of an event it is and how once you are able to get tickets and are on the course its quite a budget friendly event with sandwiches and sodas only being a couple bucks.

When asked who he is picking to win the Masters Ron said he is going with Ian Poulter. Ron added that while he believes that Poulter will win, if Tiger plays like he did at Bay Hill everyone else is playing for second.


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