Former Baltimore Bullet’s star Earl Monroe joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about his playing days in Baltimore and  his new book called Earl the Pearl: My Story.

(Photo by Jack Arent/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Jack Arent/NBAE via Getty Images)

Steve asked what do people call him when they talk to him. He said generally it is Earl but sometimes he gets pearl.

Ed asked about an incident at Dunbar High School. Earl said he went to a game at Dunbar High School and was watching the basketball game then a fight happened. Earl tried to help break up the fight but ended up getting arrested. He said it was a “bad experience” to go through.

Steve asked about the glory days of playing basketball in Baltimore. Earl said he always liked Baltimore. He has family from Baltimore and it was fun playing here. Whenever he comes back there are always people who know him.

Ed wanted to know about the Indiana story when Earl decided he didn’t want to play for the Pacers. Earl told him that he went out to Indiana and things were going well and after the game all the players were taking out guns from on top of their lockers because “you didn’t know what could happen out there”.

Steve asked why did he want to be traded from the Bullets. Earl said he didn’t really want to be traded, but his agent told him he needed to be in a bigger market.

To end it Ed asked what was Baltimore like back in the 1960’s. Earl said it reminded him of Philadelphia and that Pennsylvania Ave. was the place to go then he would hang out a bunch of different places.


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