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If all goes according to plan somewhere around 11:00 Thursday night, with the 32nd pick in the draft, Ozzie Newsome will add a talented football player to the Ravens roster. Last years first round started at 8:03 and the final first round pick came at 11:03.

This is a Warning, Now Hear This!!!!

It’s possible you may invest three hours in Thursday nights selection process only to find out that the Super Bowl champs have traded back into the 2nd round and their first selection will have to wait until Friday night. Repeat after me “In Ozzie We Trust”. This will be the Mr. Newsome’s 18th rodeo in Baltimore and if you’re a Raven fan be thrilled he’s in charge of the draft room. Here’s a look at some of the work of the Wizard of Oz.

Off the Charts — His first draft 1996. Hall of Famer Jon Ogden followed by Hall of Famer Ray Lewis then in the 5th round came home run hitter Jermaine Lewis. One of the best drafts in NFL history.

Swing and a Miss — The Ravens went ugly in 2004. First 4 picks Dwan Edwards, Devard Darling, Roderick Green, and Josh Harris. Hey, even Ted Williams had an occasional 0 for 4.

Slim Pickens — Trades that brought Jamal Lewis, Scott Mitchell and Tony Banks left the Ravens with only 4 picks in 1999. Ozzie hit on 3 of 4 drafting Chris McAlister in the first round and Brandon Stokley and Edwin Mulitalo in the 4th round.

Super Value — Jermaine Lewis (1996, 5th round), Adalius Thomas (2000, 6th round), Jarret Johnson (’03, 4th round), Marshall Yanda (’07, 3rd round), Ray Rice (’08, 2nd round), and Dennis Pitta (’10, 4th round).

Mulligans — Deron Jenkins (1996 2nd round), Travis Taylor (’00, 1st round), Kyle Boller (’03, 1st round), David Pittman CB (’06, 3rd round), Sergio Kindle (2010, 2nd round).

Undrafted Scores —Priest Holmes (1997), Bart Scott (’02), Justin Tucker (’12).

The heart of the Ravens team that just won Super Bowl XLVII was home grown. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Marshall Yanda, Michael Oher, Torrey Smith, Courtney Upshaw, Kelechi Osemele Dennis Pitta and Bernard Pierce all were drafted by the Ravens.

With 12 picks in the seven rounds of this weeks draft I trust that Ozzie Newsome and his staff will be bringing a handful of quality football players to the castle. In Baltimore when we feel a draft, it feels good.


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