Joe Hortiz is in his fourth year as the Ravens’ director of college scouting, after being promoted in January 2009. Joe joined Bob & Steve to give an insiders perspective on the players drafted and undrafted by the Ravens.

Joe talked about how he did not get sleep much once the draft began but that the Ravens are very pleased with how things turned out.

Joe talked about on Saturday and how the board changes as picks happen. Joe said they talk to agents during the draft to say if your guy does not get drafted we’ll call you back to sign him after the draft. Joe said after the draft ends Ozzie comes in and says these are the guys we want, this is how much money we have and this is how many we need go get him.

Steve than asked Joe about Arthur Brown, and him being called undersized. Joe said that Arthur is 242 lbs and that is not a small linebacker anymore, using Ray and Dannell Ellerbe’s weight as an example that if a guy can play he can play. Joe said for a guy who is under-sized Arthur does not get “big boyed” meaning he doesn’t get manhandled by offensive lineman.

Bob asked Joe about John Simon and what he thinks of him. Joe said John Simon is loved by everyone who comes in to contact with him. Joe said John is much faster than people give him credit for, and he is a tough, physical football player with great leadership and intangibles with a high motor who is a Raven.

And finally Joe talked about how surprised the Ravens were to see Ricky Wagner still on the board at the end of the 5th round.



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