Matt Williamson who works for ESPN joined Bob & Steve to talk about the Ravens draft.

Steve asked Matt about first round pick Matt Elam. Matt loves the Matt Elam pick and believes that Elam will replace Pollard. Williamson says that Elam is a great hitter and a great cover safety, and thinks Elam plays bigger than he is.

(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Bob asked Matt if he was surprised the Ravens went defense with their first 4 picks. Matt said he was a little surprised but that defense is the Ravens bread and butter, and Matt thinks our defense will be drastically improved next season.

Bob asked Matt about Ricky Wagner our 5th round pick and how he best fits the team. Matt said he believes Ricky will be a right tackle because he doesn’t have the footwork to play left tackle. Matt ended that with saying he is worried about left tackle and wide receiver for the Ravens.

Finally Steve asked Matt what will the Ravens do at the number 2 wide receiver position. Matt said he doesn’t know what the Ravens will do because Jacoby Jones is not a starting wr and Torrey Smith is a high end #2 wr. Matt said the Ravens will more than likely wait for a veteran wide receiver to get cut and scoop in and pick them up.


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