Former NFL player and current NFL Network Analyst Brian Baldinger joined Bob & Steve to talk about the Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens will hold a mandatory rookie camp this weekend for all of their rookies.

Steve asked what Brian thought of the Ravens draft.  Brian said he really liked it and that Matt Elam was in his opinion the best safety in the draft. He also said getting Arthur Brown at 56 was a nice move and that he can be an inside or outside linebacker.

Bob asked if Brian thought the defense had made some upgrades.  Brian said that last year’s Super Bowl run had one of the worst playoff defense performances, but he believes they will be a little bit better than last year.

Steve wanted to know how big of a deal it is that the Ravens don’t have a Left Tackle and that they only have one wide receiver. Brian said he talked to offensive line coach Juan Castillo and Castillo believes that Kelechi Osemele can play left tackle and be successful. As for wide receiver Tandon Doss seems to be the favorite to get the job along side Torrey Smith.

Steve asked about how big a deal  HGH use in the NFL is and how many people are using it. Brian said it wouldn’t surprise him if a certain percentage of players on each team are using it.

To close out the interview Bob asked about the Redskins should change their name. Brian said he hasn’t really thought of it, but if the Native Americans have a problem with the name then it would be better to change the name.


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