(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

It was another edition of “On the Mark” on Last Call as Mark Viviano, WJZ-TV Sports Director, joined Mark Zinno to talk everything Baltimore sports. Zinno first asked Viv about the Boston Marathon bombings as Viviano has run over two-dozen marathons in his life. “Having run the Boston Marathon myself, I can remember the run up Boyleston Street and the significance of completing the world’s oldest marathon. (I was) shocked like everyone else.”

The conversation turned to the Ravens as they completed their draft. Viviano, like everyone else was pleased with the Ravens draft, but was hesitant because you just don’t know yet. “We don’t know anything until a meaningful game, when the regular season starts, as to how well they did. That being said, the Ravens and their history of success leads you to believe that they probably have picked the right guy,” Viviano said.

Orioles were up next for the fellas. The guys talked about the positives and negatives of the season so far. Viv said, “In a sport in which you play 162 games, you do have to look at the macro. You have to look at the marathon that this is. You can’t get too caught up in stumbling here or there.” The Birds are built to withstand the beating that teams take over the course of the regular season.

Finally, Jason Collins was discussed. Zinno stressed that his announcement was a big deal. Viviano agreed. “We care about (sports). It’s a part of our society. It’s a big part of our society. It’s a big business. Aspects of sports that reflect society are significant. Whether it’s race, whether it’s sexuality, whether it’s socio-economic questions – there is so many aspects that go back and forth in the conversation. That’s what makes this significant.” The guys closed out their discussion with some final thoughts on Collins and sports being so important in society.


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