(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Forbes just released its list of the Most Influential Athletes in America. #1 on the list: Tim Tebow. He finished ahead of other NFL QB’s Peyton Manning (5), Drew Brees (6) and Aaron Rodgers (8). By the way, he also finished ahead of a trio of Olympians Michael Phelps, (good to see a Baltimore guy!) who was 2nd, Usain Bolt 3rd and Gabby Douglas 7th.

Others on the list include a baseball player, Derek Jeter, who was 5th, Lebron James at 9 and David Beckham 10th.

So what’s wrong here? Tebow doesn’t play, and basically stinks as a professional athlete, so how can be #1. Well, he has 2.2 million twitter followers, so he can reach people to influence. You can say what’s wrong with the notion that a bad athlete can be so popular? Actually, maybe nothing. Tebow is a really good guy. Maybe that’s a good thing, that people gravitate towards a good guy who is a good role model, as opposed to some athletes who offer far less in the role model department


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