SYKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Simulators bring drunk driving to life for a group of Maryland teens.

Christie Ileto explains the sobering reality check they’re walking away with.

It’s something we see all too often: underage drinkers getting behind the wheel and driving.

Real roads, real car and a real life scenario: Thursday, Liberty High School student Hannah Boyer and her classmates got a crash course in Carroll County about the dangers of drinking and driving.

“I thought I was doing good, but apparently I dragged a cone through half of the course,” said Boyer.

Wearing special goggles, you see what somebody who has had almost twice the legal limit sees, so walking and driving is clearly a challenge.

“Even if you think you’re okay, that you just have a little buzz, you’re not. You really shouldn’t be driving,” said Katherine Peiffer, student.

This is the Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute’s second year holding a DWI simulator, hoping to send a sobering message.

“Unfortunately, it happens far too many times. It’s constant, and as weather gets better, prom season’s upon us. The situation is going to increase,” said Bruce Lehr, crime prevention specialist.

According to the Maryland MVA, 70 percent of fatalities among 15-20-year-old drivers involve the use of alcohol.

“Drunk driving kills. We talk to kids about not getting drunk and driving,” said Cindy and Phil Mullikin.

And the Mullikin family is sharing their story with Libery High.

“Our daughter was killed 15 years ago by a man who was drunk,” they said.

So that the next time these students get behind the wheel, they’ll remember the stories, the course, and think twice about drinking.

The crash course couldn’t come at a better time, as Liberty High has its prom this month.

The Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute is hoping to expand the program so that more area schools can participate.


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