BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A stabbing this weekend at the University of Maryland Baltimore County as students were preparing to go home for the summer.

Tim Williams has more on the incident and how students are reacting.

It’s not the sendoff students leaving for the summer were expecting.

“I got the message on my phone and it was a little bit surprising but at the same time, it was so random and I’ve never really seen anything like this before,” said junior Nick Springer.

Springer and his dad were packing up his dorm room at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. He was among those alerted by text message about a stabbing on campus that occurred in his building, Erickson Hall.

The crime is considered unusual.

“I never had any concern before and I still don’t. I think yesterday’s incident was an isolated event,” said Nick’s father, Steven Springer. “The security here, especially in the newer dorms like Erickson, is really intense. So I’m sure the other person must have been a student here, as well.”

Reports say campus police were called to Erickson Hall for a knife attack about 6 a.m. Saturday. One student was found stabbed. He was taken to Union Memorial hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police took into custody a student who had withdrawn from school.

Students identify the potential problems with a campus that lies in the middle of a major metropolitan area but say they’ve never felt unsafe on this campus and will not have problems feeling safe when they return next fall.

“We’ve had some other things happen this semester and last semester, but nothing quite as big as this,” said junior Marcus Flores.

“We get emails and text messages about things going on around the area as well, if they’re close to campus. So it’s never a surprise but it makes me a little nervous walking home sometimes,” said senior Syd Kleinberg.

No names have been released.

No further information is available on the condition of the victim.


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