(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Orioles vs. Rays game Sunday was a perfect example of why replay needs to be fixed… The call was the correct one, a Tampa home run that hit the black painted part of the foul pole.. BUT the way they got there was a total joke. It’s like getting lost for an hour, ending up where you wanted only because you ran out of wrong roads to take. Nearly ten minutes of arguments via both managers and replay being looked at by who knows how many people.

Get a guy in each stadium or a few in master control to review live during the normal flow of the game. Take the preconceived notion out of nfl replay as the measuring stick. It’s not going to be a reg flag, under the hood system. People against MLB replay say its too slow and will delay an already long sporting event, the Rays homer would have been called correctly in 90 sec not this 10 minutes nonsense. Make the change now & get better right away.

Every tight play or close call is being looked at in real time and looked at again before a skipper can take a step out of the dugout, a signal to the field with the proper call is sent and the game moves on.

Same example Monday versus the Yankees. Wieters picked off Gardner at 1st then at his at bat was called out on a base hit at 1st. Both calls were WRONG! Gardner was called safe & Wieters out. Both could have been rectified in seconds with a guy in the booth or several in “master control” run by the league.

The umps are a major problem despite getting much correct over the span of a game, but why not get better?

I don’t understand the hesitation to push it forward. I’m not asking for laser beams or robots calling balls and strikes, just another set of eyes to make things better.

Is that too much to ask?!?!

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