BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ever since it opened, the Promenade at the Inner Harbor has been off limits to bicycles—but now that may change.

Mike Schuh has more.

It’s the public space the world has come to love. Millions have strolled the Inner Harbor—but one thing is missing: bikes.

The city has felt that bikes and people don’t mix. But bikes and pedestrians work fine on area rail trails.

“And there are bikers, joggers, walkers and it’s fantastic. Everyone who uses alternative forms of transportation all know how to get along,” said cyclist Seema Iyler.

Iyler, like other cyclists, would love to bike there because it’s less stressful. Cyclists say one of the things that is very appealing about the Promenade is that there are no cars.

“Cars—not intentionally, but they’re just bigger, they have more mass and they’ll always win in a fight between a bike and a car,” Iyler said.

So, under consideration, the seven miles of wide sidewalk, opening them up to bikes all the way from the Museum of Industry clockwise all the way to Canton.

“So the Department of Transportation wants to accommodate those cyclists who want more bike lanes, more safety for when they want to travel,” said Adrienne Barnes, Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

DOT is spending $50,000 to see if bikes can be allowed on the red bricks near the waters of the Inner Harbor.

“The feasibility study will assess if and how bikes will gain more access to sections of the Promenade and if it’s safe to do so,” Barnes said.

One recommendation from cyclists themselves: have a speed limit so no one gets hurt.

“Because bikes that are pretty slow, just meandering down there, I think won’t be a problem for pedestrians at all,” Iyler said.

Also coming, 250 Bike Share bikes that will be available for short-term rentals downtown.


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