BALTIMORE (WJZ) –The Baltimore police officer who arrested a suspect in the shooting death of a one-year-old boy also finds himself in the line of danger.

Adam May reports police say the officer was forced to open fire on another shooting suspect.

The quiet streets of the new Camden Crossing development near Pigtown, or Washington Village, shattered by gunfire. It came as a shock to residents.

“I heard four or five shots and thought it was maybe a nail gun or construction going on,” said Greg Lanford.

In reality, it was a city police officer opening fire on a dangerous suspect.

Investigators were searching the area for a man wanted in a shooting just minutes earlier on Cross Street. Kevin Edward’s wife was an eyewitness.

“She was inside the store and she saw a little kid come in the store and shoot another guy. She said she got down and tried to go for cover and said he ran out of the store and just disappeared,” said Edwards.

Police were in a foot pursuit when they caught up with the suspect.

It’s unknown if he fired at police.

“The officers had knowledge the suspect was armed. The officers had knowledge the suspect had shot an individual just a couple of blocks up the street,” said Dep. Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez.

“They still went in pursuit of this armed and dangerous individual and confronted him, understanding the immediacy of trying to get this person into custody before he could harm somebody else,” he continued.

At last report, the shooting suspect remains hospitalized.

The officer is on routine leave during the investigation.


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