Joe Fortenbaugh is the senior fantasy football analyst at the National Football Post. He previously worked as an NFL agent at JB Sports for three years while earning his degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.

Joe joined Bob & Steve today to give his thoughts on Joe Linta’s less than flattering comments about the Ravens front office.

Steve asked Joe for his thoughts on the comments. Joe said his favorite part is Linta saying it’s not personal but Joe said calling someone dumb is always personal and you are offending them. Joe went on to say that Linta is still taking his victory lap and rubbing it in people’s faces that he got Joe the big contract and it is aimed towards getting his name out there for future clients.

Bob asked Joe about what these comments do for Linta’s national profile. Joe said this could be Linta trying to get his name out there and bring him Rosenhaus type fame.

Steve then asked Joe is this par for the course of the agent business and will the Ravens hold it against him. Joe said that it depends on the guy, and that a lot of agents go about their business quietly without getting their names out there. Joe also said the Ravens are a first class organization who probably won’t let these comments effect future business.

Finally Bob asked Joe if Flacco needs to comment on this issue. Joe said no he doesn’t need to comment he should just keep going as he is and working to be at his best this season.

Joe went on to say that he thinks this off-season for the Ravens will scare people but he thinks the Ravens have filled the holes they had.



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