main contributor Mike Florio joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the Baltimore Ravens.

Steve asked Florio about off-season moves. Florio says that Ellerbe was the one big surprise for him. Florio questions how you can replace Boldin’s production. He thinks the team will miss Boldin.

Bob then asked Florio about the status of the Denver Broncos. Florio said that they are another year into the program with Payton Manning, which will only make them better. He thinks the QB will only get stronger because he is healthier now then what he was in 2012. Florio said you must remember that when you are the best team in the conference and it all falls apart during a playoff game, it is very difficult to go back to the drawing board. This is very hard for the team to get over. They need new blood on each side of the ball that has not dealt with that disappointment.

Steve then asked about the Mount Rushmore piece that is being highlight on Florio said that the Ravens will be on the site June 27-28. The process involves soliciting suggestions on the website and then cutting it down to 12 before making the final cuts.

Steve then asked FLorio about the steroid issue in football. Florio said that he thinks a lot of NFL players are taking drugs and getting away with it because the league does not test for most substances. Florio says it is easily justified to take HGH when you feel threatened by younger players and the league keeps getting more and more advanced. Florio said that one of the suspicions is when you see guys coming back from injuries so quickly. He questions how guys are coming back so fast, he said he has had players actually come up to him and express this concern. Something must be going on here. In football, people simply except the fact that there is performance enhancing drugs.


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