BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As the Ravens gear up for a new season, fans will see tougher security at M&T Bank Stadium this fall.

It’s a new policy handed down from the NFL after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Gigi Barnett has reaction from fans.

The Boston Marathon bombing taught security teams at sporting events valuable lessons. One of them: ban the backpacks. It’s what bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev were spotted carrying minutes before the attack.

This week, the NFL announced it’s getting rid of all backpacks in the stands and that goes for Ravens fans.

“The key here is that it’s all about public safety. It’s about the safety of the fans and it’s about speed,” said Ravens spokesman Chad Steele.

Coolers, briefcases and seat cushions are also out.

Steele says only clear see-through bags and small clutch purses are allowed now. He says the new rule will help fans get into the stadium faster.

“What we want to alleviate is a number of people coming in with the wrong things and having them have to go back and put it in their car so they can gain entrance into the stadium,” Steele said.

Ravens fans who want to see a safer stadium are okay with the new rule.

“I’m actually ex-military and I feel that they’re doing everything they need to do to keep the country safe,” said Kimberly Mislevy.

“I’m okay with a clear bag. I can buy a clear bag and that’s alright,” said Russ Currey.

“For three hours, you can do without a lot of things to go see a game for the safety of everybody,” said Nick Mislevy.

The NFL and the Ravens will team up to launch a campaign this fall reminding fans about the new changes. Fans who forget and break the new rule won’t be allowed into the games.

The Ravens say an exception will be made for medically necessary items.

So far, the NFL is the first professional sports organization to adopt the bag ban.


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