Orioles insider from MLB.com joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the Orioles series win over the first place Boston Red Sox.

Steve started out by asking Ghirolli about tonight’s start featuring Jake Arrieta. Brittany said that this is a huge try-out start for Arrieta. He has incredible stuff, maybe the best among the staff, but needs to get it together mentally. He has been through this so many times and the Orioles could really use his arm in their rotation if he is able to be consistent. There is definitely a spot to be one.

Bob asked Brittany about the potential to grab a starting arm at the trade deadline. Ghirolli explained the Orioles do not have a massive array of top prospects outside their top two arms. There is nobody within the Orioles grasp that could be considered an upgrade.

Steve asked Ghirolli about Travis Ishikawa. Brittany said he will probably end up being released or traded. Clearly he is discouraged by the type of season Davis has had. There is clearly no room for Travis especially considering the numbers he has put up in the minors.

Bob asked Ghirolli about the bullpen and whether Hunter will ever want to come back as a starter. Brittany said that the reason why he is having such a good year out of the pen is because he is able to set up with fastball with great breaking pitches. Where he is right now, as a late inning reliever, is extremely important to the club and he will stay there this season.

Steve asked about Pedro Strop. Ghirolli said that the team has been giving him some rest and they have been trying to work with him during practice hours during the day. She believes however that he will probably see some action either today or tomorrow. They don’t want to put him on waivers. A lot of his problems are mental and the reaction he has gotten from the crowd has not helped matters.

Bob then asked about Jim Johnson’s all star chances. She said considering he is tied for the ML lead in saves he has to be considered a top candidate. She thinks the Orioles could have four or five all-stars in New York come July.


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