RICHMOND, Va. (WJZ)—A local lacrosse player is killed in a fatal accident in Virginia. Twenty two -year-old Michael Marks of Ellicott City played at McDaniel College and had just graduated.

Mary Bubala explains the accident also claimed the life of another former McDaniel lacrosse player.


It was the flashing police lights that caught the attention of Allison Twenty on Saturday morning.

“I came out here about 6:30 and the car was still flipped in the median just down that way,” said Twenty.

What she was seeing was the scene of a deadly accident in her West End neighborhood.

“The car was really collapsed on the roof being, being on the bottom of the median and it just looked really severely damaged,” said Twenty.

Henrico County police said a car, driving at a high speed, lost control and hit a tree in the median of Westham Parkway. The crash killed 22-year old Michael Marks, of Ellicott City, and 22-year-old Warren Kraft, of New York.

Marks graduated from McDaniel College this spring. Kraft attended McDaniel in 2011 before transferring to the University of Richmond.

Twenty doesn’t know the young men who died, but says the accident has her thinking of her own children.

“My own son just recently got a driver’s license and it just gives you pause to realize how how fast the cars can go,” said Twenty.

Marks’ family has set up a fund at McDaniel College for a lacrosse scholarship in his name.


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