BALTIMORE (WJZ) — CSX is suing the truck driver who collided with a train in Rosedale, setting off a spectacular explosion.

The railroad company claims the truck driver should have looked both ways before crossing the tracks.

Mike Hellgren has new reaction, as he digs deeper into the lawsuit.

CSX tells WJZ the lawsuit speaks for itself. They want the trash truck driver to pay up for damaging the track and other equipment.

CSX is now suing John Alban Jr. and his trucking company, Alban Waste, for colliding with a train in Rosedale late last month.

Cameras captured the spectacular crash and explosion that followed.

The railroad company claims Alban did not exercise care at the crossing. CSX lawyers wrote:

“Alban Waste knew or should have known that Alban was unfit or incompetent to drive and operate its trucks in a reasonable and safe manner.”

“And I am a truck driver. You don’t just cross tracks. You always stop, look and listen,” said Bob Keys, lived in Rosedale 18 years.

Bob Keys’ home was one of several that suffered major damage. He’s still trying to get it fixed, and believes CSX has a strong case.

“When you’re coming out of there, you have a clear view. You can always hear a train coming. Even if you don’t see it, you can hear it,” Keys said.

WJZ retraced Alban’s route. The crossing had no lights or gates.

Federal investigators found signs were faded and not properly placed. CSX has since replaced them and cut down vegetation.

WJZ has tried several times to reach out to the truck driver. We went to his home Wednesday. His family said “no comment,” and someone there said he did not presently have a lawyer.

Track and equipment damage cost more than half a million dollars.

Those affected by the wreck are still frustrated.

“It was a tragedy for the whole neighborhood so I think he should definitely be sued,” said Loretta Gurkin.

“You should always take precautions, no matter what you do,” she continued.

The National Transportation Safety Board is leading the federal investigation. The NTSB has not blamed anyone for the accident or issued any final conclusions. Its investigation is still ongoing.

The NTSB found the train was not speeding, and the engineer blew the horn several times before the impact.

  1. jaway9314 says:

    Well i can say this was and a vary unexpected situation at the time me and my wife was in our home and felt a rummble and herd really loud exploion i quickly looked out the door as my wife was standing there and said oll my god what just happen and i seen the cloud of smoke that look as a giant mushroom..we live just across pulaski highway from the “CSX” littrie maybe 1000 Feet..just really glad more people didnot get hurt then did…..

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