Ken Singleton


“Sweet Swinging” Kenny Singleton, former Oriole and current broadcaster for the YES Network, joined Zinno to talk baseball and the Orioles. Singleton talked about the Yankees offensive struggles so far in 2013, but he also spoke of the Orioles potent line-up and how they are keeping the Birds winning.

Singleton discussed Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour around the bigs. It has been something very special for him and fans around the league. Zinno asked Singelton about Jake Arrieta and his struggles on the mound. Arrieta had admitted to having anxiety on the mound. “When you admit that, it’s almost game over,” Singleton said.

They also spoke about the players in the game policing themselves and throwing at other players. Singleton said that baseball has done a good job at trying to slow it down as the fines are becoming very hefty because the suspended players aren’t getting paid anymore, unlike in years past.

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