John Wallach from Sports Hub in Boston joined The Vinny and Rob Show on 105-7 THE FAN Friday morning to discuss the legal issues surrounding the New England Patriots Tight End, Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez has found himself in the middle of a deep and troubling homicide investigation. According to reports Hernandez has destroyed his home surveillance tapes, his cell phone, and hired cleaners for his home. Wallach said Hernandez went to the Patriot’s facility to workout yesterday and he was turned away by staff members. Media vans and helicopters were following Hernandez to the facility. The Patriots front office are doing their best to avoid this massive black eye.

Now, everyone around the league is beginning to do their own analysis of Hernandez’s troubles. Coming out of college many teams had him off their draft boards because of drug use. The star tight ends issues now seem much deeper. Wallach had some insight to add on his troubles, “You now hear reports that hes been a pain to be with ever since he signed that contract extension and plead to the media that he was going to change his ways and now people are digging up information that hes been running with the wrong crew for a long time and they’re psycho-analyzing him because apparently his father died when he was younger…” It cannot be said for sure what caused all this but it is a fact that Hernandez needs good legal advice in the following weeks.

Rob does not see a way that Hernandez finds himself on a football field anytime soon. Off the field reports seem to be very ominous for Hernandez. His involvement in the homicide is “not tangential” according to Wallach and could be facing more than just the obstruction of justice charges that are being reported. If somehow Hernandez gets out of this legal trouble he could still face a suspension as Roger Goodell is watching carefully.

(Programming Note: Intern Zach wrote and posted this article as part of his internship program with CBS Baltimore. Zach is a Communications & History major at Loyola University Maryland.)


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