Legal analyst Mike McCann from joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the Aaron Hernandez murder case.

Steve opened the interview by asking Mike McCann how good the case is that the State has against Hernandez. Mike said that the case is strong–there are witnesses and text messages that link Hernandez to the murder. However there is no weapon that has been found yet and there are some questions about motive.

Ed then asked whether those implemented have started to cooperate with authorities. Mike said that the lawyers will argue that these individuals are saying things to protect themselves and that they cannot be trusted.

Steve then asked about the two accomplices from Connecticut and why we haven’t heard anything about these individuals. McCann said that prosecutors are going to play this case close to the chest and that this case is still developing. These people are being cautious and they are not in a rush. It certainly looks like Hernandez is the main culprit in this case.

Ed then asked about Hernandez and the way he was arrested. McCann said that the suspects attitude in general is questionable. Is he really a likable guy? All these things will affect the jurors. His attorneys will certainly make it appear like he is a good guy.

Steve then asked about the text messages that Lloyd sent to his sister. McCann said that it portrays Hernandez as the suspect because one of the messages said “NFL”. However the lawyers for Hernandez will play up the ambiguity that lies within those texts.

Steve concluded by asking when this will all go to trial. Mike said that given the evidence, this case could go to trial at the earliest in the fall and at the latest in the spring.


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