Dave Sheinin has been covering baseball and writing features and enterprise stories for The Washington Post since 1999. Dave joins Ed & Steve to talk about some baseball topics and his book RG3: The Promise.

Steve asked Dave about this season by Chris Davis so far and his impressive power numbers. Dave said that no one has challenged the number of 61 in a long time and that this season by Davis is impressive. Dave also mentioned it’s not that unexpected because Chris Davis has always shown great power. Dave also went on to ask how in the world does one of the smartest organizations in baseball like the Rangers could allow him to get away.

Ed then asked Dave about Manny Machado and should he be thought of on the level of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper. Dave said that Manny has a more complete game than both Trout and Harper. But Dave said who would go number one would depend on the team who was picking and what their biggest need was.

Dave then started to talk about his book RG3: The Promise and how after the trade was made by the Redskins to move up and draft RG3 he was assigned to follow RG3. Dave said that he had to follow RG3 and his family around for 11 months. The book is due out August 21st of 2013.



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