New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Before 2012, the last time the Orioles made a playoff run was 1997.  Chris Hoiles was catching at the time.  He joined Bruce Cunningham Saturday after the Orioles lost to the Yankees 5-4.

“Good teams find a way to turn around,”  Hoiles told Bruce, “so don’t look at the here and now.  You got to look at the big picture.”

This was the second consecutive loss to the Yankees who are now giving the Orioles a bit of grief in the standings.  On Saturday, New York actually passed Baltimore for second place.

Jim Johnson currently leads the league in saves, but he also leads in blown saves.    Chris Hoiles compared Johnson to an NFL kicker.

“To see your closer struggle is very hard,” Hoiles continued, “These guys are busting their tails for four quarters, and it comes down to a last minute field goal.  Jim Johnson is kind of that guy and to watch him go through it is very tough.”

Not all is doom and gloom for the Orioles.  Chris Davis continues to pound the ball into the stands.  Davis has matched his home run and RBI totals from last year (33,85).

“With Chris Davis, it’s been an evolution of getting more playing time.”  Hoiles stated.  “Being an everyday player myself, I understand what you go through because if you have a bad game today, you know you are going to be in there tomorrow.”

Chris Hoiles spent his entire career in Baltimore for 10 seasons.  His best year was in 1993 when he batted .310 and hit 29 home runs.


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