2 Babies In Different Incidents Dead After Being Left In Parked, Hot Cars

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LANSDOWNE, Md. (WJZ) — Not one, but two babies are dead from two different incidents. Police say they were left inside parked, hot cars.

Christie Ileto has a reminder of what not to do.

One incident happened in Arlington, Virgina. The other–right here in Baltimore. Police say, in both cases, caretakers forgot to take them to daycare and didn’t know they were in the backseats.

Baltimore County Police say 16-month-old Sabriya Towels was accidentally left in the backseat of a hot truck for hours Friday, causing her to go into cardiac arrest and die.

“It’s like an oven. It had to be like an oven,” a neighbor said.

Police say the baby wasn’t in the care of her parents, but a family relative, who picked her up from another location and was supposed to drop her off at Head Start daycare.

Officers say instead he simply forgot she was in the backseat, went home for a nap. When he returned:

“He had been told that the child was never dropped off in the morning,” Cathy Batton explained, Baltimore County Police. “When he ran back out to his vehicle he discovered that the child was unresponsive in the backseat.”

At the same time in Arlington, an eight-month-old dies shortly after being rushed to the hospital.

Police say he too was left inside a car, being towed away.

“Initial investigation indicated that she had taken the child with her that morning and hadn’t dropped him off at daycare,” said. Lt. Mark Bergin, Alexandria Police.

The temperature outside a sitting car often varies from that inside a car. For instance, mid Saturday evening it’s in the mid 90s. But inside this vehicle, it’s over 100 degrees.

It’s unclear just how hot both vehicle became for the babies, but:

“It’s a tragedy ever time it occurs. And every time is one time too many,” Batton said.

As temperatures continue to soar, police say these unfortunate, but preventable incidents are just another cautionary tale to parents and guardians during these dangerously hot summer months.

As for the case in Baltimore–no charges have been filed against the relative.

Police are sending the case to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

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