Mark Zinno joined the Glenn Younes Show to debate if Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins hat is a big deal or not.

Mark believes that Kaepernick is sending the wrong message as the leader of his team. “You can’t be promoting the Miami Dolphins as a representative of the 49ers!”

Glenn’s argument is that Kaepernick is promoting the NFL as a product and that the 49ers are not competing against the Dolphins. “The Dolphins and 49ers share revenue. The league and the owners and the apparel; there business partners…all of them. The players are business partners with the league, the league is business partners with the individual teams.”

When a listener texted in and said that the two teams are only competing on the field. Zinno replied, “No it’s not! You’re competing for fans, you’re competing for market share, you’re competing for people to watch you on Monday Night Football!”

Listen to the full debate here and follow Glenn Younes @gunitradio and use the hashtag #GYshow.
Mark Zinno is also on twitter; give him a follow @MarkZinno.


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