Jack Arute W/ Glenn Younes Talks Johnny Football

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Jack Arute joined Glenn Younes on the Glenn Younes show tonight to talk about Johnny Manziel.

Glenn asked Jack about how Johnny Manziel has handled all of the media attention.

“One of the great things about Johnny Manziel is he has an edge to him. You see that same edge on the field as well.”

“Everybody wants to see Johnny football fail and I don’t understand. He’s living the life as a 20 year old who is living in the limelight and he’s not doing anything to besmirch the football team.”

Jack quoted Peyton Manning and related Eli Manning at a young age to Johnny Manziel now.

“Peyton Manning said, ‘yes Johnny decided to go home. But you know what? My brother Eli missed a few meetings too’.”

Listen to the full discussion and follow Glenn Younes on twitter @gunitradio and use the hashtag #GYshow.

Jack Arute is also on twitter @JackOnSports. Give him a follow as well.

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