The lead MLB writer for Bleacher Report Joe Giglio joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the Orioles second half of the season to begin Friday night.

Ken started out by asking Joe for his thoughts on the All Star game. He said it was a very well played game. The Orioles were clearly well represented and it was special to see Mariano enjoy his moment.

Ed touched on the fact that the Orioles don’t have a number one. Joe agreed for sure. It is something the O’s, a playoff type team, will need in the future. Gausman and Bundy are both good prospects that will hopefully fill that void.

Ken then discussed Henry Urrutia. Joe said that the move makes a lot of sense and that he should make a contribution. It is a good time to bring him up before the deadline. Urrutia numbers are fantastic and he deserves a shot.

Ed asked whether Urrutia’s power numbers are lacking. Joe agreed, but said that with the lineup the O’s posses they dont really need any more sluggers. They need consistency in the DH role and hopefully this will help.

Ed then asked Joe how he sees the Orioles chances at going far in the playoffs with just average pitching. Joe says that he does think they can be right there at the end of the season. They have such a prolific hitting team that there should be no reason they can’t win 90 games this season.

Ed then asked who the top two teams in the AL are. Joe said that he would put the Tigers right up there. After that it is a mix of teams; the A’s, Tampa, Baltimore and the Red Sox can all makes noise come playoff time.

Joe concluded by sharing his thoughts on the Biogenesis controversy.


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