(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Ron Jaworski from ESPN joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss Joe Flacco and the rest of the NFL.

Steve started out by remarking that Jaws has always been a big Flacco supporter. He asked what most people have said about him being number four on the big board of QB’s. Jaws said he puts a lot of emphasis on how QB’s play in big games. Flacco has been a stud with everything on the line. Remember just last year if the pass would have been caught in the end zone then they would have been in the Super Bowl

Ed asked for Jaws thoughts on Matt Ryan. Jaws said that he thinks extremely highly of him and that he will one day be a champion. The keys to the offense have been handed over to him and he will be very successful in the future. His first down numbers have always been tremendous.

Steve then asked if he was going to pick a QB for this season who would he choose. Jaws said that it is a difficult question to answer because of all the different styles of offense teams run. The spread has changed the game and it is not built for Flacco. He is a pocket passer with a good O-line. Quarterbacks have to be in the right system, and Flacco is in the right system for his abilities.

Jaws said that the Ravens are a better football team then the one that won the Super Bowl. The defense is much improved and they do have a lot of young players that are coming up on the team. Young players bring a energy to the team but most of all the coaches who must teach these players.

Ed then asked about the Ravens WR situation. Jaws said that he loves Anquan and it will be a big loss. But he thinks the Ravens have good quality receivers that will step up and make up for the loss.


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