BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Two city water mains in 24 hours break down, leaving homes and businesses dry. Water woes stretch across Baltimore and the city says its hundred year infrastructure is to blame.

Kai Jackson has more on the inconvenient and expensive problem.

The city is really in a race against time to fix an aging infrastructure.

A water main break on Holabird Avenue in southeast Baltimore sent a gusher throughout the streets and briefly left thousands of city and some county residents without water.

“There may be a couple spots where people are out of water. There may be a number of areas where you have low pressure,” said Kurt Kocher, DPW.

The Department of Public Works says water has been restored to most customers.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over the massive break as the Department of Public Works repairs it. It affected service from Canton to Cherry Hill. The break happened just outside AJ Sackett & Sons and flooded the engineering company.

“Right now, it’s just get the mess up and I think we need to dry things out before we go hittin’ power to the machines,” said Rick Amoroso, AJ Sackett & Sons.

Residents say these kinds of breaks are inconvenient but they are a reality of a city with an aging infrastructure.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over yet another break, this one at Battery Avenue and Randall Street in Federal Hill. Residents there say they’re just trying to be patient.

“It affected us, for sure. We didn’t shower, didn’t brush our teeth before we went to bed, stuff like that,” said Michael Osmanski.

“It hasn’t affected us so far; haven’t even felt a stir,” said Lindsey Ford. “Happy about that!”

Officials say the big main that broke is 80 years old.


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