Chris Burke from Sports Illustrated joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the Baltimore Ravens and training camps around the league.

Chris Burke started out by explaining that the Ravens are number one in his preseason power rankings because they are coming off of a super bowl. Also, the Ravens appear to have gotten not only younger but faster as well.

Steve asked his opinion for what the biggest weakness is on the team. Burke said that most people forget how big of an impact Bolden had last season. Beyond Tory Smith, who else do they have? And is Tory Smith really a number one receiver? Also, are the young guys on the defensive side of the ball really ready to go? Only time will tell.

Burke said that around the league people should look out for St. Louis. They are an up and coming team who was not that far away from the playoffs last year. People should keep an eye out for the Rams this season. Also Miami and Tennessee are much more improved and could get into the playoff mix.

Steve then asked for his thoughts on the Matt Ryan deal as it compares to Flacco. Burke said that statistically Ryan has been at the top of the league in terms of passing. If he was picking a QB he would go with Matt Ryan however it is extremely close.


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