(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

USA Today National writer Paul White discusses the recent controversy he started with Buck Showalter after he wrote a story about a conversation that was held off the record.

Steve started out by asking Paul White for his side of the story.  White said that he wasn’t even in the original conversation but that Buck called him over and had a discussion with him. Normally he says “just between you and me” or something along the lines, but he didn’t this time. Also, the fact that Buck was so animated about the Wieters issue that he felt it would not be an issue if he wrote about it.

White said he has regrets from the stand point that he messed up a personal relationship with Buck. Most of the time he will specifically say this is off the record but he didn’t, yet he feels bad that Buck took it the wrong way. White said that he will be in touch with Buck.

Jerry Coleman said that Buck normally does this with the media, that when the session ends and the cameras turn off, everything is off the record. White said that everyone has there way of doing things and that the reporters that are there everyday clearly have a better feel about it.

Steve started out by asking White about what Buck said about the Yankees and the money they would be excused from if A-Rod got suspended without pay. White said that it is a serious issue, and needs to be discussed on a national stage.


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