Former Baltimore Colt Tom Matte joined Ed & Steve to talk about his experiences being a teammate and friend of Art Donovan.

Tom began the interview by talking about being a rookie around Art Donovan. Tom told a story about arriving at McDaniel College and seeing a crowd of people around a man he was told was Mr. Art Donovan, and Tom went up to him and said he couldn’t wait to meet his son.

Ed asked Tom what made Art Donovan a Hall-Of-Famer. Tom said he was incredibly agile for a man his size and that he took up the entire middle of the defensive line. Tom told some stories about Art needing to make weight and taking pills pregnant women take to remove all the water weight from them to try to cut weight. Tom also said they drove back from a game in rubber suits to try to sweat away as much weight as possible.

Tom also talked about how Artie was always the life of the party and how players would go to Artie’s house and be there til 4 in the morning, and how even after he retired Artie would critique the players on the Colts after games. Tom also talked about how Artie would tell stories of being in World War II, and what a big part he played of making football huge in this city.


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