John MaGinnes with Sirius XM Radio joined the Glenn Younes show to recap the PGA Championship.

Glenn and John talked about Jason Dufner’s pre-shot ritual that Glenn called a “waggle”. Which according to Glenn is a, “wrist cock, wrist cock, wrist cock and go.” John tried to explain why Dufner does this, “What he’s doing with all those waggles is releasing all the tension in his body.”

John and Glenn then talked about the Oak Hill golf course in Rochester. John said, “It is one of the greatest golf courses in America, in all of the world. It is probably the best and most underrated among the elite golf courses in this country.”

The guys capped off the conversation by talking about why Tiger Woods struggled at the PGA Championship.

“Here’s the only way I can put it to you. Golf is the hardest game in the world. It’s also at times inexplicable”. He went on to say, “I can’t explain with any reason how a guy can go from a performance in which he won by 7 and was conservative for the last 36 holes and could have won by 12 or 15 the week before…to being completely irrelevant halfway through his round on Friday at a major championship the very next week on a similar golf course.”

Listen to the full conversation here and follow Glenn Younes on twitter @gunitradio.
John MaGinnes is also on twitter @johnmaginnes. Follow him as well.


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