Former Baltimore Raven and current Panthers safety Haruki Nakamura joined the Norris and Davis Show on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN Monday morning to discuss what happens in training camp.  Nakamura tells the schedule is very similar each day, comparing it to Groundhog’s Day.  He says the normal day begins at 7:30 each morning.

When asked how he expects his defense to stack up against other teams in the NFC South, he compares the division to the AFC North, saying everyone plays competitively every time they play.  Nakamura believes the Panthers have stepped up their game after becoming a younger team.  He draws on similarities between the veteran leaders of the Panthers and Ray Lewis.  He then mentions what it is going to be like coming back to Baltimore, the place he was drafted.  He says he will be excited to come back, but is ready to compete against his former team.

He transitions to talking about Cam Newton, saying Newton is one of the most talented athletes in the league.  Nakamura claims Newton has grown quite a bit over this past season and off season.  Nakamura believes Newton is a franchise quarterback who could potentially lead the Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance.

When asked if he would rather play for Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan based on tape, Nakamura says he would rather play for Flacco.  He cites Flacco betting on himself going into his contract year and winning.  He also cites the Super Bowl victory as another factor for why he would rather play for Flacco.


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