Former Orioles great Mike Boddicker joined the Norris & Davis show to discuss the 30th anniversary of the 1983 Orioles World Series team.  Boddicker pitched for the birds from 1980 to 1988 having his most success in the 1983 and 1984 seasons when he won 16 and 20 games respectively.

Ed asked if Mike if he can believe its been 30 years since the World Series. Mike said when he looks in the mirror yes, but his right arm is still good.  Boddicker talked about how excited he is for the reunion and the opportunity to see his former teammates.

Steve asked about the team back in 1982 and getting so close coming into the 1983 season.  Boddicker told the guys that the fans were great in 1982 and they came out to support the team.  Initially though he was there to learn and pick up guys when needed.

Ed brought up how brilliant Boddicker was in the postseason and World Series in 1983.  Mike said the guys around him were all pitching really well especially Scott McGregor so he was just trying to match him.

Steve asked about how pitchers are handled now compared to when he was pitching.  Boddicker believes pitchers don’t pitch enough now.  He said that the 100 pitch threshold that is put out now is kind of odd because there is a big difference between throwing 100 pitches with ease and 100 pitches while struggling.

To find out more information about 1983 World Series team Reunion  visit the Norris & Davis Facebook page.


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