Although it is now meteorological fall, and solar autumn has been here for quite some time now, it is still astronomical summer. The atmosphere will remind us of that fact during the next few days. A very impressive late season surge of heat and humidity is on the way. We obviously do have to keep in mind that it is the second week of September, and normal temps are falling off at a steady pace now. However, on the other hand, it has been dry around here lately, so there is potential for some places to over-achieve a bit on high temps on any or all of the next three days. We are certainly into the time of year when we need the air to move in order for it to get very warm or hot. It looks like we will have that factor in play over the next few days.

Not only will it be getting hot, but it will also be turning noticeably more humid. In fact, dew points here by mid-week will do July or early August proud. Look for highs in the 90s starting Tuesday for 2-3 days.

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