Looks like we are in shape for nice weather this weekend as a high pressure center moves from southern Michigan to northern Virginia Sunday morning then slides off to the southeast from there.

Kind of on the cool side of normal as we have been talking about, especially after the last several days, and enough gradient between the approaching high and departing low coupled with enough northwestflow above the ground to mix down for a little breeze. But nothing extreme and about 15 mph will be the highest for any gust. Just adds to the fall feel.

There can be some fair weather cumulus clouds, but other than that, looks like blue skies. The breeze will quickly calm Saturday evening as the high center moves close by to the south and with clear skies and light winds it will be cool with a range of temperatures from urban to outlying areas.

With the high pushing to the southeast Sunday, the wind flow will turn southwest ahead of an approaching front and the atmosphere as a whole will warm which will allow us to get above Saturday’s readings for the afternoon. There will be some high clouds that mix with the sunshine Sunday, but still a mostly sunny day.


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