Armen Keteyian is lead correspondent for 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime and a CBS News correspondent.

Armen joined Ed and Steve to talk about his new book, The System: The Glory and Scandals of Big Time College Football.

Ed asks: Whats at stake? What are coaches paid?

Armen: Money is just poring into the sport, Now teams are organizations and the coaches are the CEOs.

Steve: Paying athletes, only 10 percent making money

Armen: Terrible business model but Schools are now willing to use this as a lost leader because if you catch lightning your donations and enrollment could sky rocket. When you swing and you miss the ramifications are devastating, Tennessee are a good example, and student fees are sky rocketing

Ed: Hypocrisy of NCAA, whats the role of hostess?

Armen: Point of book was to deeply detailed reporting job, Hostess are first face many recruits see and are kind of a secret weapon because of a sexual innuendo because the recruits think the might be able to have a relationship. these relationships at times become sexual even on visits. Kind of an unseen part of the sport but is a huge part


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