Dr. Ken Tepper is a surgeon for Medstar Union Memorial and he joined Ed & Steve to talk about Manny Machdo’s injury and offer his professional opinon on recovery time.

Steve asks: Were you surprised that the injury wasn’t as severe after watching the replay

Ken replies: After watching the replay I was initially surprised that it wasn’t an ACL or an MCL partly by seeing the reaction from Machado.

Ed asks:  Is this the type of injury that doctors might recommend not to play third base and maybe move to another position in order to play it safe?

Ken Replies: Not typically, this injury does require rehab and treatment but he should be able to return unhindered in a timely manner, depending on how his knee responds to the treatment.

Steve asks: We know Machado will receive a second opinion, is this a type of injury that a second doctor could come in and say that he requires surgery?

Ken replies: This injury used to be always be seen as a non-operable injury, but sometimes people have recurring issues or if Machado’s knee isn’t responding to treatment , there may need to a reason to operate.

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