Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Eric Crouch played quarterback for the University of Nebraska winning the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award and the Heisman Trophy in 2001, and was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2002

Eric joined Ed & Steve to give his perspective on Maryland joining Big 10.

Steve asks: Maryland leaving ACC and going to big Ten Nebraska did the same thing a couple years ago

Eric: Fans really were excited about the move

Ed: Was there any push back?

Eric: Fans miss rivalries. Rivalries are important and when you leave a conference they do feel that

Steve: Are we in trouble?

Eric: Big Ten is changing, ground pounding and being physical is going away and teams are just trying to get ahead of defenses. Less time between snaps and a lot of passing. Surprised what Maryland has done and they are making a statement to the Big Ten that they coming to compete

Ed: Have any idea what Tim Tebow will do?

Eric: He should go to Canada because what he did in the college game, its a running game and the quarterback can be dynamic. Going up there and proving you can do it you can maybe come back down here after a couple of years

Steve: Do you think you were unfairly categorized?

Eric: I came from an option based school, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t throw the ball we just didn’t, I think i was a little ahead of my time and our offense wasn’t tailored to throwing the football. We had 4-5 monster running backs and some full backs and we ran the football. going to Canada would be a great opportunity for Tebow, it tired

Ed: What about Johnny Manziel, how will he do in the future?

Eric: i think he will do well, he is the same size as Russel Wilson. he has come in and he has performed again. offenses in NFL will be slanted toured read option a little more when they under stand how to run it.


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