Randy Edsall is the head coach of the nationally ranked number 25 Maryland Terrapins, who also happen to be undefeated at 4-0. Randy’s team head down to Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, FL a place they have never won this weekend to take on the number 8 Seminoles of Florida State.

Ed asks: Maryland hasn’t been ranked for a couple years, Is being in the top 25 exciting for you?

Randy replies: Yeah its exciting for me but more importantly, Its exciting for our players, the players see the fruits of their labors, and people are taking notice all the hard work.

Steve asks: Your heading down to Tallahassee to play Florida State, how do you prepare for Jameis Winston?

Randy Replies: He is obviously very good, the offense is potent, the big thing with Jameis is that you have to make him move his feet, he cant get comfortable in the pocket.  We must disguise our coverages to confuse him, but the thing that impresses me is that he doesn’t go down easily.  We have to make sure we form tackle correctly because he is such a big guy, we must tackle low and wrap the legs

Ed asks:  It appeared Stefon got hurt at the end of the WVU game, Is he 100% for this weekend?

Randy replies:  yeah Stefon looks like he will be good to go, he has been practicing all week, we also will get some other players back so we should be as healthy as we’ve been all year

Steve asks:  comments on Heisman comments

Randy replies:  Well i think it goes back to being a good team, having team players.  It also reflects on our team, we’ve got a group of guys who love working together, and who understand that if we do our individual part we can be successful

Ed asks:  How do you put pressure of Jameis with such a good offense

Randy Replies:  Were going to have to disguise what we want to do, but it also has to do a lot with hustle and communication.  We have a lot of guys who can run of the defensive side of the ball and we have a bunch of high motor players.  We can also utilize our depth, with so man talented players coming off the bench on defensive.

Steve asks:  How do you think the governance of college football will change or how do you think it should change?

Randy replies:  When you talk about governance of football its a lot different then other sports because there are just so many people involved.  People need to understand how big of a business college football is, I would be a fan of players getting stipends, maybe not being paid this amount of money, but stipends might work

Steve asks: you talk about stipends, they would have to be one size fits all right?

Randy replies:  yeah the stipends would have to be one size fits all because that would just help the bigger schools, another idea might be to maybe raise the scholarships but it would have to be consistent throughout.


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