Trevor Pryce is a former defensive end of the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and Denver Broncos. Trevor now works for Fox Sports 1 as an analyst.

Trevor joined Ed & Steve to share his insights on what goes on in an NFL locker room.

Steve asks: You were critical of ray for his comments about leadership right?

Trevor replies:  Yeah I wasn’t impressed with what he said but to me it sounded like ESPN set up the perfect storm for him, I know what he was trying to say but he just said it completely wrong.  That’s just something he will have to adjust to as a member of the media.

Ed asks:  What about the ravens as a team what are your impressions of them so far?

Trevor replies:  The ravens are a work in progress, losing Anquan was a huge loss, I don’t think the ravens realized just how important he was, but he is a special player.  The second part of the problem is that the off season is getting shorter and shorter and especially going to the Superbowl you lose even more time.  So the ravens are dealing with a little bit of a Superbowl hangover.  Once they get over that they will get better.

Steve asks:  You played for 4 coaches in your NFL tenure, could rank the coaches you liked playing for the most and the least?

Trevor replies: That’s difficult to do because there was both good and bad times with all of the coaches.  the physically least demanding coach I played for was John Harbaugh by a mile.  Sometimes during the season we would have entire practices would be walk throughs.  There is a misconception about John Harbaugh that he is a rough and tough guy and he is, but he also let us stay at the peak physically by taking it easy on us when we needed too.

Ed asks:  The NFL talks about players safety all the time, do you think the NFL is actually serious about player safety, or do you think its all lip service?

Trevor replies:  I think the are serious, but when you play sports at such a high level you can see that players, as a natural reaction, duck and put your head down when your running full speed at another guy.  So in turn, the NFL is fining players for being human and having a completely involuntary movement to duck.  There in a difficult situation because they have to protect the nature of the physicality of the game but they also must protect the players.

Steve asks:  Do you expect the ravens to turn the season around or will they  have a down year?

Trevor replies:  Anytime you see a team going out and acquiring a player during the middle of the year you start to see their thought process.  The ravens know they can win now if they get some pieces in place.  The ravens will get better once they figure out the offensive line.  When Harbs calls out the offensive line you know that he is upset and will make sure they figure it out.  They have a lot to work on but the ravens will be fine in the end.


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